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Enjoy the feel of solid wooden floors beneath your feet, as you breath in the scent of wild orchids drifting in on the gentle sea breeze. Every element of LUX* Le Morne is designed for the utmost in simplicity and comfort, from our luxurious Sleep Tight beds to the effortlessly elegant décor.


Experience the warm Mauritian sunset first-hand from your beautifully furnished balcony. Featuring a large Sleep Tight double bed, as well as spacious bath…


Yasmin Yasmin Red Ddp Ddp Enjoy breath-taking views over the Indian Ocean and landscaped gardens from your fully-furnished terrace. Then sink into the unparalleled comfort of your d…


Step through an elegant entrance into the comfort and style of an Ocean Junior S…

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Light linens and crisp cotton combine to create suites as elegant as they are comfortable. Cool off in the exhilarating outdoor shower, carved from natural…


Our spacious Junior Suites are perfect for families, with ample room for two adu…

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Yasmin Red Ddp Ddp Yasmin
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DDP has struck again with these 7/8 trousers. The colourful trousers are a must have for spring wardrobes and bring a bit of pizazz to our outfits. We'll opt for this pretty coral coloured model that is cut and will adapt to your fashion wants and needs.
Closure :

   Button fastening

   Zip fastening

Composition :

   Cotton : 98%

   Elastane : 2%

Care advice :

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